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Een cultuur ben je nooit alleen

Ganes helpt organisaties die diversiteit & inclusiviteit willen integreren binnen hun cultuur. We richten ons op het versterken van hun positie op de markt, we matchen op basis van cultuur, we stimuleren duurzame groei en maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid.


Maandag offers interim solutions for professionals in the public sector such as governmental agencies, education, health care and housing corporations.

Grootte: 1,001-2,000
Branche: Staffing & Recruiting
Type: Privaat bedrijf
Locatie: Nederland


Culture Development
A different perspective by involving employees in creating a
strategy, you can increase sales

Why and what was the problem?

Maandag noticed employees were leaving the company within 4 months after signing their first contract. Team members stated it lead to demotivation, workload got heavier and they felt as if their efforts in making sure someone could take over a portfolio was a waste of their time and energy. Clients were complaining because they did not want a new contact person every 4 months and ongoing work was not up to quality because of lack of time by the remaining Maandag team members. The motivation of employees decreased and sales figures stagnated. Maandag contacted Amrita to find out why people were leaving within 4 months and what could be done to increase motivation and sales again.

How was the problem solved?

Amrita set up a project plan including a gap analysis of the current situation and the desired situation. Quantitative research was conducted by the use of HR and financial data. Qualitative data was found in in-depth interviews with already left employees and remaining employees.

Amrita presented results in a dialogue session with leadership, the HR team, and finance present. Amrita also gave several suggestions for quick wins and an option for a companywide onboarding program. Employees were to be trained in Maandag culture, performance and competence levels and a potential mentor would be an option. The open dialogue session gave several interpretations
on what Maandag wanted as a profile of employees and the sales culture was leading.

As a result, Amrita developed an onboarding program and an in-house training framework. All training would be given by experiences and successful employees.

Wins for monday

  • Project management: Creating gap analysis with project plan
  • Guidance: Guidance by Amrita in dialogue sessions, realistic option and more involvement from several levels of employees within the company
  • Empowerment of leadership: Management coaching and guidance for leadership
  • Team coaching and empowerment by Amrita
  • Development of onboarding program
  • Development of framework inhouse training framework
  • Results were clear: talent stayed inhouse for at least 4 years because of specific profiles and training, recruitment became effective and sales went up within a year with 15%
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