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Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day 2021!

Let's celebrate International Women's Day 2021!

We have listed the figures and facts. Learn how to increase value, real connection, impact and efficiency with DIEP. 

Werkplek synergie

On International Women’s Day 2021, our founder Amrita Joerawan was a guest at Women in Tech. She talked about the pains, gains of companies and employees and how diversity, inclusion, equality and purpose (DIEP) is the solution.



With Diversity, Inclusion and Equality: 35% more sustainable ROI
With purpose: 6x better leadership performance, 77% improvement in relationships at work, 67% improvement in collaboration, get your employee engagement up by 51% and reach 48% overall increase in quality.



The webinar is packed with education about diversity, inclusion, equality and purpose. Amrita discusses what it really is (! Not what the media is telling you), the value and with three business cases as real-life inspiration from Nike, Netflix and Pepsi, it is clear how  sustainable Return On Investment is the result of DIEP als an unique strategy. 

Amrita: I am an advocate for more DIEP at work. Especially in tech. As a STEM woman, I know DIEP is needed. Why go for average when you have access to your unique DIEP strategy? Our solutions give you what you need to know in order to attract & retain talent and develop your unique company culture. In 2030 the dominant groups at work will be Millenials and GenZ. They only want to work at DIEP companies with DIEP employees.

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